Automated mobile health self-certifications to reduce your business risk and increase customer confidence

  • Text-to-startRapidly onboard users with text messaging and deliver their screening questionnaire link
  • No apps to installGet your employees and customers started without barriers via SMS - no app download or install required
  • Customizable questionsUse a standard set of questions to assess health history, or customize with your own questions
  • Brand customizationCustomize the health assessment with your logo and brand identity
  • Mobile friendlyEngage users quickly and intuitively on their mobile phones, saving time before they visit your location
Response evaluation
  • Assessment criteriaSelect criteria to which user responses should be compared, according to your organization's safety & health policies
  • User actionsDefine next steps based on user responses, including: approving their visit or shift start, rescheduling an appointment, asking for more info, and more
Alerts & notifications
  • User notificationsDeliver next steps back to the employee or customer immediately in the browser, based on criteria you define
  • Response textingAllow users to send in a keyword, and receive back your organization's health screening questionnaire
  • Proactive textingProactively send a health screener via SMS to employees before shift start, including support for different departments, locations, or divisions
Reporting & audit
  • ReportingView trends of responses that match your risk-based criteria
  • Drill-down analysisAutomatically flag risky responses to examine, and follow-up for additional info
  • Audit logMaintain a log of all certifications for risk management and compliance purposes
Security & privacy
  • SecurityMaintain security with encryption to protect data both in transit and at rest
  • PrivacyProtect user privacy with robust controls permitting access only to authorized admin users of your company

Keep your business healthy

Reduce risk with automated employee health symptom screenings

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