Automate health & safety screenings on job sites

Reduce your job site risk by using automated SMS health screening for employees & contractors — and maintain an audit log for regulatory agencies

Mitigate health & safety risk for construction sites

The job site has new risks and communication challenges, with mobile, on-the-go workers who need to complete mandatory health screenings in many states

Automated health & safety screenings for construction employees

Send workers a text message before their shift with a health/safety screener, and log that information in case of audit by regulatory agencies

Improve safety and reduce regulatory risk

Automate health screenings

Auto schedule SMS-based health screeners to workers before the start of their shift, without having to remember or worry

Improve construction site safety

Show your clients and other contractors you're taking worker health precautions seriously, and reduce risk in case of an adverse event

Deliver custom instructions

Notify workers what you'd like them to do, based on their screener responses: report to work, call for more info, or some other action

Keep your business healthy

Reduce risk with automated employee health symptom screenings

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