Maintain guest & employee health in club

Reduce your reopening risk by encouraging your employees and guests to self-certify their health status before they enter your fitness club

Mitigating health risk for fitness clubs

Welcoming gym guests and employees with unknown health statuses presents risk - especially in active, fitness-oriented environments

Automated pre-arrival health symptom reporting

Enable guests and employees to report their health symptoms before arrival via SMS on their mobile device, and maintain an auditable log to defend against future legal or health risks

Inspire confidence that your gym is safe

Customize assessment questions

Customize health assessment questions based on your facility's needs, including for group classes and daycare

Improve safety

Show your customers you're taking health precautions, and reduce risk in case of an adverse event

Reduce unnecessary interactions

Automate pre-arrival health screenings to reduce risk from unwell emnployees or guests in your facility

Keep your business healthy

Reduce risk with automated employee health symptom screenings

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