Keep home health employees and patients safe

With your employees visiting multiple homes each day, use automated SMS symptom screeners to identify health risks that may occur — and keep them and your patients safe.

Screen employees making in-home health visits

Home health has a new business challenge: keeping your employees safe from COVID and healthy on-the-job

Screen home health employess for COVID symptoms

Keep your home health employees and patients safe with automated SMS health checks before in-home visits`

Keep your home health employees and clients safe

Automate home health symptom screenings

With employees visiting patients in-home, schedule automated SMS symptom screenings to make sure they're safe

Evaluate worker screening responses

Compare employee health screening responses to criteria you define, and display custom messages based on the result

Simplify with text messaging

Simplify interactions with workers through text messaging - no apps to download or install

Keep your business healthy

Reduce risk with automated employee health symptom screenings

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