Help assure your restaurant is safe

Use automated employee health self-certifications to help make sure your restaurant environment is healthy and safe

Restaurant safety: the #1 imperative

Your restaurant's number one imperative while adapting to the new normal is to keep your customers and employees safe - so they'll keep coming back

Automated mobile health self-assessments

Keep a pulse on the health and safety of your restaurant environment by asking your employees to complete a health self-certification before their shift, and log that data as proof of your commitment to safety

Create a safe restaurant environment

Reduce health uncertainty

Automated health self-certifications to mitigate liability from unwell employees or invividuals in your restaurant

Use risk-based exception alerts

Alert managers of exceptions to your risk-based protocols via text or email

Communicate confidence to customers

Improve customer confidence in your business by communicating your commitment to a safe environment

Keep your business healthy

Reduce risk with automated employee health symptom screenings

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